the hard times

When life gets hard all u need to do is relax. Take 10 deep breaths and calm down. Life gets hard because it is filled with tests. Tests that are given by god. He wants to see how strong you are. If you don’t believe in him then he will push harder and make the tests more complicated. He wants to strengthen you and your belief in him so you can see his face when you pass. When you feel weak just put your hope in him and ask for help. Keep your relationship with him and stay strong. Go into your problems with confidence and will power, pray everyday, and love on.


Why I Am Here…..

My name is summer and i have had a rough life as a child. my mom and dad split when i was born and i now live with a family member that i have only known for 2 years. I made this website to list life problems and ways to solve them. I love helping people and would love to help anyone who needs help.